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the surround downloads are coded in:
-files which can be played directly from your computer. please download the free MP3 surround-player® from fraunhofer therefore, or in..
Please note that they are .wav-files which can be burned directly as an AUDIO-CD.
! warning ! don`t try to connect your equipment via the analogue outputs/inputs, as this will cause a pinknoise type of sound which is not very enjoyable to listen to. it might even damage your loudspeakers.

1. select the file you want to download.
2. unpack the file (with winzip or a similar program). the file name should have ".wav" as extension.
3. transfer the unzipped file to a CD-R and burn an AUDIO-CD.
4. play the AUDIO CD with DTS® surround equipment (4 possibilities).

- DVD player with "DTS® digital out" logo
- DVD player with a DTS decoder "DTS® digital surround" logo
- CD player with digital output
- computer with a soundcard that has an digital output

DTS® and DTS digital surround® are registered tradmarks of DTS inc. - MP3 Surround® is a registered trademark of fraunhofer.

DTS® "DTS® digital out" logo "DTS® digital surround " logo CD-player computer-soundcard
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